Goal Setting and Receiving Mentorship



As I move through the Making Way blog experience, one intention I have is to inspire others to set goals and reach them.   One of the ways I will reach my goals is by being open to receive mentorship from my friend Arlo Maverick.  Arlo is a founding member of the Edmonton-based HipHop collective Politic Live,  a skilled poet and spoken word artist, as well as a valued mentor for many in our music community.  He is currently engaged in promoting his creative masterpiece, “Maybe Tomorrow” which currently sits at #1 across Canada on Campus and Community radio for the second week in a row.  He has a very valuable and important vlog, with step by step information to help independent music artists find success, fulfillment and joy in their craft.  It is an amazing set of instructions, and I will be following it step by step as I make my journey to my solo release next April.  You can find Arlo’s Vlog Here. and his Instagram here.    Want to support an independent artist, and hear an incredible album?  Buy his music here.

Way and Arlo by Fendercase

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