Planning with Diffuse Awareness

I shares how I plan my life and projects, based on Tony Robbins’ RPM Planning method.

2 thoughts on “Planning with Diffuse Awareness

  1. “Within every woman.. there is a wild and natural creature.. a powerful force filled with good instincts.. passionate creativity and ageless knowing.” ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

    Cheering you on! You will tap into that ageless knowing…you are a wild and natural creature filled with good instincts!!!!
    Sending you love.

  2. In love!
    Waking up and being in-love with yourself/your day… The strength that it carries is remarkable and can/will set the tone.
    I just love you friend. You are so inspiring to go onto this new direction amidst all the things you do. Also, thank you introducing me to Pax so long ago. It has truly opened up our eyes, and the invitation of the new perspective is such a relief!
    Yay for Making Way!

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