The Art of Receiving


Hey There Friends!  In this week’s blogpost, I explore the art of receiving – receiving grant funding that is.  Did you know that there are local and national funding bodies who are willing, ready and poised to help artists with dollars toward their projects?

Check out Arlo Maverick’s Vlog Music Knowledge for more details about how to apply.  He is also a Grant Writer – so local and national artists take note – this is an excellent option for those who are very busy or intimidated by the grant writing process.

Thanks, Mar.  I gladly receive this reminder to start my funding applications from Factor, AFA and Alberta Music.

Blessings!  Way

Way Credit Senses Photography

2 thoughts on “The Art of Receiving

  1. What a great vlog! Thank you for your inspiration. I loved your comment about it being a good thing to use some of your own money to fund the project. What contrast to the rhetoric taught at the Trump academy. Perhaps if Mr. Trump had a personal investment in his businesses, he would not act so ruthlessly. One can hope, anyway. 🙂

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