I’m so happy and grateful now that…

Dreams do come true! For years I have written my dreams in the form of a thankfulness letter to the Universe. This is my way of dreaming into being. What is yours?


PS: If you have any footage from the Prince Tribute evening, I will happily post here. Please email me at waymatea@gmail.com to share your links!

Peter’s Solo footage


2 thoughts on “I’m so happy and grateful now that…

  1. You are amazing and it is an honour and blessing for me to have a front row seat in watching your thankfulness letters come to life in your world – so inspiring! Makes me want to go back and think again on what it is I really want… I find my wishes sliding away under the busy-ness of life until I’m not sure anymore what it actually is that I want. I also find myself bumping up against a part of me that strongly resists doing the letter because that part is convinced it works for others but won’t work for me. Fear of disappointment… Take a deep breath… embrace and love that part… and think about that letter some more. Blessings to you, Waymatea, for moving through your fears, holding on to your dreams, and inspiring the world by showing that they do come true!

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