The biggest challenge for a person who has a lot of projects on the go is keeping a balance between all pursuits. I have this challenge – and although I do accomplish a lot and feel very productive overall, I still find myself working on the consistency part. So this last month, when one week passed without writing a blog entry, I found myself distancing myself more in the second week. I know my perfectionist thinking can be self sabotaging, especially when my inner critic yells at me that I should be better! As soon as I miss one, I can’t bring myself to do the next one. It’s not good to be a perfectionist! My good friend Tad Hargrave coached me through this barrier when I was launching a women’s program and wasn’t quite finished, so felt unable to move forward on it at all. He inspired my new way of thinking – that 70% is enough. That we need to move forward even when things are not perfect, or we run the risk of not doing anything with our dreams at all. This is a great learning for me. I enjoy your feedback very much, and would love to read your thoughts about doing things even when they are not perfect.



Also some great news is that SOULJAH FYAH will be having an epic night of CD release on Friday, August 19th, 2016 at The Needle.  The FB Event is Here and the advance tickets are available here.  We look forward to seeing each of you there.


We are also holding a contest for a dinner for 2.  Just download the APP and search for @waymatea to qualify to win!


My Love, Way

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